On repeat (Missing you)

by Irene Bom


At least the sun still rises (on repeat)
Burnt the toast this morning (on repeat)
I’m not myself, have you noticed (on repeat)
Should’ve listened to the weather on the radio (on repeat)

Going through the motions but it feels all wrong
Especially when they play our song

On repeat – can’t eat, can’t sleep
On repeat – missing you

I brush my teeth as usual (on repeat)
Take the dog out walking (on repeat)
I fell the cold all the time now (on repeat)
People ask me how I am and I say I’m fine (on repeat)

Going through the motions, but the nights are tough
How long before I’ve had enough?


Missing you on the pillow
Missing you in my bones
Missing you and your breath on my skin
Missing you – it’s agony


_ _ _ _ _  _


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