Up to us

by Irene Bom

Out on the trail – part of the landscape
Sensible shoes and good company The swish, swish of our bodies in motion
I’m lost for words, lost in reverie.

We’ve got all we need to make a memory
Back to basics, minimum fuss
We know where we are
and kind of where we’re going
The rest is up to us (x2)

I do admit that nothing much happens
And I forget what we talked about
We cook, eat, sleep and get on with living
I’m walking on air, I’m on walkabout.


Reading the map we can see the future
Making our way one step at a time
I’m rich, richer than I ever imagined
All I survey, in a way, is mine.


We’re part of the elements – the cold, the heat
I’m thankful for every sensation – even sore feet.


_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


I’m a member of songu.com, and one day I came across this pitch opportunity for songs that would appeal to outdoor types.

I’m not an outdoor type myself. If I was going to write a convincing song, I needed to do some research and interview someone who’s really passionate about the outdoors. This song is based on a ten-minute conversation with one of my fellow commuters one morning on the train between Utrecht and Houten.

I submitted the song for the project, and it was accepted. Unfortunately the project died. But the song is still doing good service.

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