On the Fringes of the Fringe

Margriet and I will be in Edinburgh in August, hosted by a good friend of mine. We’re taking along our instruments, so we can do some busking, on the fringes of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

We did consider the fringe festival busking opportunities, but soon realised our music would be drowned out by all the hustle and bustle on the Royal Mile. Instead we hope to find a listening audience in quieter parts of town, and maybe sell some CDs.

We’ll also be sampling some of what the fringe festival has to offer, and map out a strategy for participating in the festival next year, possibly on a shared bill with some singer-songwriter friends.

Video: “Poor world”

This song was inspired by a photographic project with nomadic tribes. As their world gets smaller and smaller, the knowledge of how to survive often challenging terrain, passed down from generation to generation, is getting lost, making us all poorer as a result.

Video: “I met the dragon”

About my music teacher at a convent school. She was one of the nuns and the pupils had given her the nickname, “The Dragon”. She had a fierceness about her that warned everyone to keep their distance. Scary stuff. I think she was very unhappy, and not in her element teaching kids. Many years later, when I was inspired to write a song with dragon in the title, she came to mind.

At the Taxi Road Rally 2015 in LA

Taxi Road Rally 2015, Margriet with Jack, Laura and Al
Taxi Road Rally 2015, Margriet (far right) with Jack, Laura and Al (from left to right)

This is us at the head of the queue for the open mic at the Taxi Road Rally in Los Angeles on Saturday, 7 November 2015. Later that evening Jack performed a ukulele solo, Al a guitar solo with effects, Laura a song with piano accompaniment, and Margriet and I sang “This is for you”, with ukulele, recorder and vocals.

Double concert with TeeBee Brown (30 May)

Two Doors Down will be performing in a joint concert at Werklicht in Rotterdam on Saturday 30 May.

Come and hear the guys from TeeBee Brown bring something extra to 3 of our standards (Weather well, I met the dragon and Mr Spitz), spicing up our set.

For our part, we’ll be adding sweet harmonies to a few of their standards too. For more info: https://www.facebook.com/Werklicht#!/events/786354778108056/