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LOST song gets trumped by LOST voice

Irene writes,

I had a song in the bag for the Creative Mornings Rotterdam session on Friday, 15 November – inspired by the theme, LOST. But, unfortunately, I LOST my voice due to a bout of flu with added complications and we had to cancel.

We hope to be able to share a Two Doors Down version of the song with you soon. Meanwhile, here is some of the backstory.

“As of the 2000s, a total of roughly 7,000 natively spoken languages existed worldwide. Most of these are minor languages in danger of extinction; one estimate published in 2004 expected that some 90% of the currently spoken languages will have become extinct by 2050.” (wikipedia)

I do believe we can all play a part in rescuing languages from extinction by giving our mother tongue (first language) our full support. Other languages may serve us well, but our mother tongue serves to keep us fully human and connected to our roots and ourselves. That’s what our LOST song, “Mother tongue”, is all about.

Here are the lyrics:


Verse 1
Mother tongue – faded and flickering
Mother tongue – what’s to become of me?
I sold you out to the highest bidder
Mother tongue – I feel so dumb

Verse 2
Mother tongue – I am ashamed to say
I lost respect for you along the way
My heart went cold and I kept my distance
Mother tongue – I did you wrong

You taught me to say ‘thank you’ and ‘please’
and helped me to stand on my own two feet.
You taught me to speak up for what’s right and true
and not to be afraid to say ‘I’m sorry’ and ‘I’m here for you’

Verse 3
Mother tongue – let’s plan a grand reunion
Mother tongue – I want to recommit
I want to taste all life has to offer
Mother tongue – you hold the key

Join me at the table as much as you are able
Mother tongue
I mean to keep you close so you keep me on my toes
Mother, mother tongue


David Treuer – Language Carries More Than Words
The Lost Words: An Illustrated Dictionary of Poetic Spells Reclaiming the Language of Nature

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