Live recording: Good Night’s Sleep

A live recording of Two Doors Down performing “Good Night’s Sleep” at Creative Mornings Rotterdam on 2 August 2019.

The song is inspired by Creative Mornings July’s theme, “End”, and captures something of Irene’s daily struggle to call it quits and enjoy the benefits of a good night’s sleep. Irene is on the guitar as usual and singing lead vocal, while Margriet adds percussion (bell and shakers), sings harmony and plays the melodica. Notice the audience reaction when Margriet starts playing “Somewhere over the rainbow” at the end.


Good Night’s Sleep

bell signalling midnight

Verse 1
There’s something about the midnight hour
that brings out the worst in me
Not that I’m a party girl
On the contrary
But I struggle to call it quits
And miss out on all the benefits
of a good night’s sleep

Verse 2
My second wind kicks in and them
I’m chasing after something again
I love the flow but as some of you know
It can be an addiction
I wish I could train my brain
to entertain the counterclaim
of a good night’s sleep.

Verse 3
At the end of the day I need to learn to say
Lady, enough is enough
It’s time for bed, you sleepy head
Stop sweating the small stuff
On the far side of my dreams
There’s a better version of me – I’m dying
for a good night’s sleep.

Gotta try me some of
sleeping beauty’s beauty sleep

strains of “Somewhere over the rainbow”

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