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Live recording: Symmetry

A live recording of us performing “Symmetry” (this month’s theme) at Creative Mornings in Rotterdam on 22 February 2019.



Verse 1
We were in motion when we met
How we connected I’ll never forget
In this world of tangled dreams
there are no guarantees
I’m one of the lucky ones
who know that love is real.

Symmetry, by degrees,
is shape-shifting me
The unexpected symmetry
of me and you loves you and me.

Verse 2
I’d had enough of playing games
Round and round in circles, what a waste
Love helped me to begin
my return to innocence
Love is like alchemy
it changes everything.

(Repeat Chorus)

Verse 3
Looking forward, looking back
Everyone says I’m much more relaxed
The future sure looks bright
with love in my life
It’s not a bed of roses
but it’s deep and wide

(Repeat Chorus)

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