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Live recording: Honest friends

Irene writes,

I’m a regular at Creative Mornings Rotterdam. It got me thinking. Could I write a decent song on the theme of the month and would Creative Mornings Rotterdam let Two Doors Down debut the song live at that month’s breakfast lecture?

The Rotterdam Creative Mornings team were willing to indulge me. To date I’ve written 4 songs inspired by Creative Morning themes, and we got to performed 3 of them live. (“I trust my hands” I performed a capella to a gallery owner in Manchester where I was stranded because I’d missed my flight. It happens.)

The 4 songs in our “Creative Mornings Collection” are:

Who will throw me a life line (Theme: anxiety)
Curiosity (Theme: curiosity)
I trust my hands (Theme: craft)
Honest friends (Theme: honesty)

Here is the latest song, “Honest friends”, recorded live at Creative Mornings Rotterdam on 26 October 2018.


Honest friends

Verse 1
Will you tell me the truth
tell me the truth in love? Please share.
I appreciate it when you speak from the heart
It tells me how much you care.

I need honest friends to keep me grounded
Who bring out the best in me
Up close and personal
I need your honest-to-goodness honesty

Verse 2
Will you back me up
back me up when I’m under fire
It’s so good to know I have support
from those who know me and how I’m wired.

(Repeat Chorus)

Like the pitch and roll of a ship at sea
My life is in constant flux
I need an anchor, a harbour and a lighthouse
People I can trust

(Repeat Chorus)

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