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Art Rocks 2018 song is called “Ramses”

Irene writes,

My Art Rocks 2018 song is finally coming together. I’m calling it “Ramses”.

I was inspired by the life of Ram(e)ses II and his legacy (as Basquiat obviously was), in particular the striking evidence of his love for Nefertari, his first wife. The tomb he built for her in the Valley of the Queens is stunning – a real labour of love. She’s depicted larger than life on some temples too. He called her “the one for whom the sun shines”. Some praise indeed!

Writing the song has taken a bit longer than usual, as I struggled to find a direct link with the painting and the artist. After the Art Rocks workshop day I participated in a few weeks back, I saw a way to pull it all together and I think it works. Here’s hoping the museum judges think so too.

Now onto the final stages of arranging the song, making the video and getting my entry in in time for the closing date, 22 October 2018.

Check it out:
Now you can take a virtual tour inside Nefertari’s tomb (2018)

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