• contest - songwriting

    Working on a song for Art Rocks 2018

    Art Rocks is a bi-annual competition linking fine art and music.

    Irene took part in 2012, and has decided to try again. Last Saturday she attended one of the workshops, to gain inspiration and meet some of the other songwriters. She was the oldest of the bunch by far. The youngest was 15, not much older than when she first learned to play the guitar and started writing songs all those years ago.

    Irene has selected this painting by Basquiat as her inspiration:
    'Koningen van Egipte 2' by Basquiat

    The song is evolving slowly, but she’s making headway. The challenge is to write a song that can stand on its own, but that is clearly inspired by and a response to the artwork. Good luck to all the others taking part.

    The organisers hope for 250+ entries this year. Wouldn’t it be great if Irene made the museum round and then got selected for the finals in Paradiso? One can dream, can’t one?

    In case you’re interested, here’s the link to Irene’s 2012 entry, “Mirror mirror”.

  • website

    Website gets an overhaul

    We had no choice. The old wordpress theme wasn’t PHP 7.1 compatible, so it had to go.

    It wasn’t easy finding something suitable. Margriet and I auditioned a whole series of wordpress themes this afternoon and settled on this one, called “Great!”. I hope you like it.

    For nostalgia’s sake, here is a screenprint of the old site:
    Can you spot the differences?