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    Plans to go busking and updated list of open mics

    Open mic in York, U.K. – in support of a charity  (Photo: Irene Bom)

    Margriet and I hope to take advantage of the good weather in Rotterdam this Saturday and go busking. We have a busking license, but haven’t had time or energy to make use of it till now. (Get in touch if you’d like to know where we’ll be.)

    I’ve also updated the open mic page, realizing that some of the locations listed are no longer active. Some are still going strong, though, like Hostel ROOM in Rotterdam and the Amsterdam Songwriter’s Guild.

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    At the Taxi Road Rally 2015 in LA

    Taxi Road Rally 2015, Margriet with Jack, Laura and Al
    Taxi Road Rally 2015, Margriet (far right) with Jack, Laura and Al (from left to right)

    This is us at the head of the queue for the open mic at the Taxi Road Rally in Los Angeles on Saturday, 7 November 2015. Later that evening Jack performed a ukulele solo, Al a guitar solo with effects, Laura a song with piano accompaniment, and Margriet and I sang “This is for you”, with ukulele, recorder and vocals.

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    Ra-ra for Rotown’s new open mic

    Margriet and I performed at Rotown’s first open mic last night. Thanks to an enthusiastic public, a good time was had by all. Hopefully this is the first of many more open mics in Rotown and elsewhere in the city. Rotterdam certainly deserves more live music opportunities for those just starting out, or looking for a venue to try out new material.

    A special Ra-Ra for the sound guy, an essential part of the success of the evening.

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    Jamming with locals in Malta

    On Wednesday, 10 October, Irene flew in to Malta. Just outside her hotel she noticed a man with a guitar on his back, and decided to approach him for information about possible open mics on the island. The man, called Charlie, wasn’t too optimistic, but he did know of the owner of a suchi restaurant in St Julian’s (a short bus ride away), who hosted jamming sessions on Wednesday nights.

    The restaurant, Gochi, was surprisingly easy to find, and Miro (the owner) suggested Irene return after 9pm. Not many musicians turned up, but Miro and Hishi (a young bass player) and Irene managed to have a go, playing some of the Two Doors Down songs. Hishi particularly enjoyed ‘Mr Spitz’, about Mark Spitz, and his seven gold medals – especially the “Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah” at the end of the song (the other verses only have 5 yeah’s).

    below: Irene, Hishi and Miro in front of the music alcove at Gochi’s

    above: Hishi and Miro with their instruments

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    Performing at OOTB 474, Edinburgh

    During a weekend trip to Edinburgh in May, Margriet and Irene performed the song, “Mirror Mirror” at the weekly open mic session called “Out of the bedroom”.

    Irene was still recovering from a severe bout of flu, and had no singing voice, so she played guitar, and Margriet got to do the lead vocals for a change.

    You can find a photo of us in action here:

    Two Doors Down at OOTB 474